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  "The Pelican of Fernandina"
the latest in the series

Fernandina's Finest Easter
A great read any time of the year!

In this Captain Wilson mystery we meet Sergent Jon Stewart. He is working for the newly promoted Captain Wilson and is chasing perps for a rash of downtown crimes. Are these home-grown thugs tied in with the sinister strnger from out of town? Can Stewart ---along with vet, the dog and other unlikely cohorts---stop a murderer before he kills again?
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The Pelican of Fernandina

CAPTAIN WILSON finds himself in real trouble this time, when he takes on the wiliest adversary yet—one of his own. An old enemy with an old grudge comes gunning for Wilson, who’s stuck with a trumped-up murder charge.    

Just released!
The Pelican
of Fernandina

Captain Wilson's fifth adventure. It is Wilson's most dangerous yet and it takes the combined efforts of this entire team... (read more...)


With his career crumbling, his marriage lurches onto rocky ground. And in the midst of all his troubles, the captain is forced to wonder why an enigmatic pelican has come to roost on his lawn.
While Wilson is distracted, it’s up to Chief Evans and the rest of the FBPD to figure out what’s going on in a house full of strangers on Ash Street. Could it be that a plot against national security is being hatched right here?

Karen Millen, the newest member of the local team, uses her federal agency connections to help Al Newman, Jon Stewart and the others save the island from enemies both foreign and domestic.
Come join the Fernandina crew as they deal with family events, a big celebration in Old Town, and characters like Shorty Livingstone adding surprise twists. Meanwhile, the detectives stalk the bad guys through this Victorian seaport, a famous African-American beach, and an antebellum fort to an explosive finale involving 21st-century national defense. (more...)


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City Sidebar:
The Book

For the first time, Cara has collected her favorites from the 200 "City Sidebar" columns she has written for the News-Leader of Fernandina Beach. Laugh along with Cara as she shares her irreverent observations on life in an island paradise. (read more...)


City Sidebar: The Book
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"I always look forward to reading Cara's columns - they're like dessert. Now she's put them all toghether in a book, and I can have my fill of enjoyment without the weight gain. A rarity indeed!"
-R. Thomas Hughes,
Owner of Magna's a Full Body Salon


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Cara Curtin gives informal talks for book clubs, community groups, libraries, senior groups and other organizations. She also conducts workshops to share her writing tips. (contact her for more information...)

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